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Forbidden Temptation


One look, and you can send the entire humankind to damnation. That’s how powerful you are. The beauty that lies in you is biblical, and you are a piece of history. They can look, but they cannot touch. They can admire, but they can’t become you. Be the forbidden fruit everyone craves!

Forbidden temptation Edva Beauty Eyelashes

Because every Eve wears Edva Beauty lashes when they walk out of heaven into their own secret garden of pleasures. Never settle!

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Our eyelashes imitate the mink’s hair and are made of synthetic fibers. The lashes are 100% cruelty-free. They are soft, high-quality, and give you zero inconvenience. The lashes’ band is transparent and flexible so you can apply them faster and with precision. If you take care of the lashes you can wear them up to 15-20 times. For a natural look, the lashes are arranged on a 3D band. All lashes are manufactured manually.


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