EDVA Beauty - EDVA Beauty - Empowering Lashes

It's time to unleash your inner goddess

Be what you deserve

All you need are the perfect lashes and you are ready
Prepare for greatness
Measure and cut the lash at your eye’s dimension. One step closer to greatness. 
Raise your power 

Apply the glue on the band and wait 1 minute approx. Time to put that crown back on!
Unleash the goddess
Apply the lash with the tweezers starting with the center of the eye. Then fix the internal angle, then the external one.
close up eye lashes and a scissor for how to put on eyelashes
EDVA Beauty Faux Mink Lashes London | Applicator and Scissors close-up
eye closeup putting edva beauty eyelashes
Perfect for everyday wear. I love them 💗💗💗
Feeling like a goddess indeed! Loved them❤️
I love the story behind your brand, Edva Beauty. It inspires me to truly unleash my inner power. Your products are a reflection of your great message.
Really feel like a boss lady with those amazing and gorgeous lashes ❤️